Kloosterboer is a company with a rich history. We are proud of our origins and the fact that after 90 years, we are still a financially strong and independent company and a front-runner in our sector. 

1925 Klaas Kloosterboer Senior founded the Kloosterboer company in Sint Pancras in North Holland. He started a commercial enterprise dealing in seed potatoes and potatoes for consumers as well as exporting fruit and vegetables. 
1960 Based on market demand, Kloosterboer decides to store food products in cold stores. The first Kloosterboer cold store was built in Elst. Cold stores quickly followed in Etten-Leur and Rotterdam. 
1982 Kloosterboer opens a cold store in Vlissingen. The company started providing shipping services in the Vlissingen harbour. 
1990 The third generation of Kloosterboer runs the company. The head office relocates from Alkmaar to IJmuiden where there is also the storage and dispatching of frozen fish. 
1991 Kloosterboer builds a cold store of 75,000 m3 at the Reeweg in Rotterdam.
1993 Kloosterboer International Forwarding starts specialising in shipment services. 
1997 Kloosterboer Services (KSBV) is set up to administer customs formalities for clients. 
1998 A new cold store is opened in IJmuiden. 
2001 Kloosterboer puts a new blending station for juices and concentrate into commission in Rotterdam and Vlissingen. In Rotterdam, the storage capacity for concentrates increases with the installation of a 5,000 m3 bulk storage tank. 
2003 In collaboration with French fries producer Farm Frites, Kloosterboer opens a new fully automated high-rise cold store with a capacity for 62,000 pallets at Maasvlakte in Rotterdam which is focused on import and export. 
2005 A new 7 hectare container terminal is opened in the Westhof harbour in Vlissingen. 
2009 Kloosterboer acquires Daalimpex adding four locations to its network. 
2009 Kloosterboer opens a new cold store in Dutch Harbor (Alaska) and adds a cold store in Bayside (Canada) to its network. 
2010 In collaboration with McCain, Kloosterboer opens a new fully automated high-rise cold store with a capacity for 70,000 pallets in Harnes, France. 
2010 Kloosterboer starts up Breakbulk Offshore Wind Terminal (BOW). On another site in Vlissingen, the company offers various services related to loading and unloading of multi and heavy lift cargo. For example, aluminum is reloaded and parts are stored for offshore windmill parks. 
2011 Daalimpex Vlissingen merges with Kloosterboer Vlissingen. 
2012 Kloosterboer Container Logistics is set up to capitalise on the growth of containerisation in the market. 
2013 The expansion of the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal is completed at Maasvlakte.  It includes the expansion of the automatic high-rise cold store at Maasvlakte 1 with a multi-functional cross dock cold store. On completion, the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal has a total capacity for 70,000 pallets. The conventional cold store receives the BREEAM certificate and becomes an official inspection point for both phytosanitary and veterinary products.
2013 Varekamp Coldstores is acquired by Kloosterboer. The company continues with the name Varekamp Coldstores Holland B.V. and operates in the fresh products sector.
2013 The network is expanded in Rotterdam by acquiring a property at the Vierhavenstraat in Rotterdam with a storage capacity of 7,500 pallets. From both the existing location on the Reeweg and the new location, Kloosterboer Rotterdam will carry out import, export and storage of fruit juices and concentrates and other processing activities.
2014 Kloosterboer develops a new supply chain solution in Scandinavia where, in a strategic location in South Sweden, a frozen food hub will be created for different clients. The concept consists of an automatic high-rise cold store with a capacity for 74,000 pallets in combination with, among other things, international transportation, distribution within Scandinavia and customs formalities.  Planned start up is mid-2015. 

2015 Kloosterboer 90th anniversary.

2015 Completion of Kloosterboer Sweden, a fully automatic high-rise cold storage facility in Bjuv, Sweden with a storage capacity of 74.000 pallet places.

2015 Kloosterboer International Forwarding opens a new branch in Durban. The new location offers a one-stop-shop concept, serving customers from production to final destination.
2015 Kloosterboer expands its services in Scandinavia with the purchase of a cold storage facility in Moss, Norway with a total surface area of ​​8.500 m2 and a capacity of 20.000 pallet places.

2016 Kloosterboer receives the Lean & Green Star Award after achieving 35% CO2 reduction within 5 years.

2016 The sustainable expansion of the existing cold storage and freezer facility in Velsen will be complete at the end of 2016. The cold storage facility has been expanded to accommodate a capacity of 40.000 pallet places, and is equipped with a solar panel installation comprising 2.500 solar panels. The building is BREEAM-Outstanding certified.

2017 With the purchase of 51% shares in BLG Logistics Group AG & Co. KG, Kloosterboer gains access to the German market. The joint venture is named Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore GmbH and focuses on joint positioning in the temperature-controlled logistics sector in northern Germany.

2017 Kloosterboer Cool Port Rotterdam will be opened in May 2017. The location has a capacity of 40,000 pallet places, and 7.500 m2 of space available on a separate floor for value added services such as packaging and sorting. With a solar panel installation of 11.000 solar panels, among other features, the building is BREEAM-Outstanding certified.

2017 Construction of Kloosterboer Lelystad will start in October 2017. The new, fully automatic cold storage facility, with a capacity of 40.000 pallets, will be completed near the end of 2018.

2018 Sale of Elst location.

2018 In addition to Kloosterboer Delta Terminal, an existing cold storage facility on the Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, a second cold storage facility with a capacity of 25.000 pallet places is under construction. The new facility will be delivered in February 2019.

2018 Construction of Kloosterboer Lelystad will be complete in October 2018.

2019 Varekamp Coldstores Holland will be sold on 1 March 2019.

2019 Completion of the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal expansion, with an additional capacity of 25.000 pallet places.