Kloosterboer network

Kloosterboer has branches operating in the Netherlands, Germany, France, South Africa, Canada and the United States. In total, we have more than 4,700,000 m3 of storage capacity where more than 650,000 tonnes of goods, both food and non-food, can be stored.

Optimisation, facilitation and management

Kloosterboer Logistics provides its clients with flexible, transparent and independent logistics and supply chain services. Taking the burden away from clients when it comes to logistics work and optimising the supply chain from start to finish are paramount. As logistics specialists, we become your partner, manage the supply chain on your behalf and optimise both the financial and operational side of trading.

The ideal logistics partner

As part of the Kloosterboer group, Kloosterboer Logistics has access to a vast set of resources from its entire range of facilities and through its employees providing a complete logistics package and making us the ideal logistics partner.

Flexible, independent and customer & quality focussed

Kloosterboer Logistics addresses the particular logistical needs of each and every client. We provide integrated and cold store independent solutions which incorporate and reflect every aspect of our core values: flexibility, independence and client and quality focus.

Our locations in the Netherlands:

Kloosterboer Network Netherlands Daalimpex Harlingen B.V. Kloosterboer Rotterdam B.V. Kloosterboer IJmuiden B.V. Kloosterboer Delta Terminal B.V. Daalimpex Velsen B.V. Kloosterboer Cool Port B.V. Kloosterboer Vlissingen B.V. Kloosterboer Lelystad B.V.