Kloosterboer expands logistics activities in Sweden

Kloosterboer expands logistics activities in Sweden

Logistics service provider Kloosterboer has recently signed an agreement with food producer Findus to design and operate a fully automated high-rise cold store facility in Bjuv Sweden. It is set to become the largest high-rise cold store in Sweden and offers cold storage capacity to many customers who operate on the Swedish market. By consolidating multiple shippers in one location, distribution can take place in an efficient manner.

Strategic location
Findus have their main operations in Bjuv located in the south of Sweden and have initiated the construction of a new cold store, which will be an investment of ca 70 m EUR. Bjuv is a strategic location for this new automatic 38-metre high-rise cold store. The region is seen as Sweden’s “port of entry” for multimodal freight transport with the port of Helsingborg and the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö.

The cold store will be linked, via conveyor systems, to the Findus factories. Raw materials and semi-finished products are sent automatically and just in time in the correct sequence to the various production lines. The pallets containing finished products are then automatically returned into the cold store.

Sustainably built
The construction of the fully automated high-rise cold store with a capacity of 74,000 pallet places started in August 2013. The facility is being built according to the latest sustainability standards. The efficient and optimal building construction ensures 45% less energy consumption than a conventional cold store. With the help of intelligent algorithms, the material handling system takes care of intake, outtake and storage of the pallets. As the cold store is being built next to Findus’ production facilities, there is also a reduction of transport of close to 100 000 km. This results in a reduction of 94.000 kg CO2 emissions.

Logistic partner
Findus choose Kloosterboer as their new logistics partner because of their experience in developing and operating fully automated cold stores, but also for their track record of innovative logistic solutions and continuous improvements.

Cooperation with Findus
Kloosterboer provides Findus with a sustainable and innovative service solution within their supply chain. This leads to significant operational and financial performance improvements. According to the management of Kloosterboer, "through our strategic partnership with Findus, we want to achieve efficiency in automation, integration and optimisation of transport services."